SanMarine Nature is Forever

SanMarine Nature is Forever

SANMARINE is a professional cosmetics manufacturer based in California, USA. The company's laboratories are located in the USA and Israel and are equipped with the latest equipment that allows the use of nanobiotechnology and the principle of using only environmentally friendly raw materials in the creation and development of cosmetic products. Relying on the development and production of professional cosmetics using the finest ingredients collected from around the world. In addition to the research laboratory and production base of the company for many years of experience, the company could have its own plantations, which grow a variety of ingredients for SANMARINE brand products.


Our laboratory synthesizes peptides and proteins. They are components of a protein nature and are produced biotechnologically. Peptides are able to “High-Tech” penetrate transdermally and have a regulatory effect on skin cells. Thanks to peptides, the skin is moisturized, its tone increases, wrinkles decrease and the aging process slows down.


Oysters are seafood and we use their extracts, as they are rich in proteins, omega-3 fats, essential amino acids, and trace elements (zinc, iron, iodine, selenium). All these components nourish the skin, accelerate metabolic processes and renew it.


About 20 of our algae species are included in our products. Algae has the unique ability to easily penetrate the skin without damaging it, so it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Algae have an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate skin microcirculation and regenerate it, and are a hypoallergenic component.


Our plantations are located in an ecologically clean area and we grow organic raw materials on them. We harvest Aloe Vera, Moroccan Rose, Echinacea, Centella Asiatica. We use this raw material for all our product lines.

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